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Beer - Proclamation Session IPA

"Sprout" Session (16oz)

Location/Distance: Warwick, RI 73 Miles

Session is all you need to know about this one. It's for the active lifestyle. This beer is perfect post bike ride, during some disc golf, or after an epic surf session. If we could can sunset on Nantucket, it would taste like this. It's smooth and crushable with some light tropical and lemon notes. 

Founded by Dave Witham in early 2014, Proclimation Ale Company (aka PROC) set out to bring some excitement to the beer scene of Rhode Island. PROC has always been very involved in their community and pride themselves in their safe and equitable work environment.  As they've grown, they've been turning heads and we hope to bring you anything we can get our hands on. 

Abv: 4.8

*Must be 21 to purchase*

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