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Beer - Proclamation, Dry-Hopped Rice Lager

"Tiny Little Sticks" Rice Lager (16oz)

Location/Distance: Warwick, RI 73 Miles

Pours a pale golden yellow and bursts with sweet floral aromas with a side car of earthy hops. It drinks light and crisp with floral and herbal notes up front, finishing off with a smooth, rice sweetness. With Sabro and Saaz hops.

Founded by Dave Witham in early 2014, Proclimation Ale Company (aka PROC) set out to bring some excitement to the beer scene of Rhode Island. PROC has always been very involved in their community and pride themselves in their safe and equitable work environment.  As they've grown, they've been turning heads and we hope to bring you anything we can get our hands on. 

Abv: 4.8 and DOES contain gluten

*Must be 21 to purchase*

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