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Green Thumb Farms in Fryeburg, ME is back with a new crop of heirloom beans.  Available in 2lb bags 

Jacob's Cattle: A Prince Edward Island heirloom, it's a plump kidney bean with white and reddish-brown specks.  The flavor is described as fruity and nutty, with a rich aroma.  Dense and meaty, they hold their shape well in cooking and retain their distinctive flavor even with heavy seasoning. 

Soldier: Cultivated in New England since before 1800, the name comes from a distinctive red mark on the bean said to resemble an old-fashioned toy soldier.  Delicious and mild flavored, similar to a navy bean.  

Yellow-eyed: Rich, creamy, mild and almost nutty in flavor.  Essential to baked beans but equally at home in any recipe.  They become smooth and buttery in long cooks, taking on the flavors of the aromatics they're cooked with.