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Vinegar: Apple Cider

Certified Organic. A traditional favorite, Side Hill Cider Mill's vinegar is slowly double fermented, aged for over a year in a cool cellar, and then bottled in glass. It's raw, unfiltered, and contains the mother. 

Side Hill Cider Mill Apple Cider Vinegar is produced at Side Hill from organic apples grown in Vershire since 1987 (certified since 2010) in his small, 200 tree orchard. While the vast majority of his trees are selected wild, a few have been grafted over to heirloom varieties; Golden Russet, Fameuse, Baldwin, Rhode Island Greening and Roxbury Russet with a smattering of newer scab resistant cultivars; Liberty and Gold Rush. All are selected for their hardiness and suitability for strict no-spray culture. He prunes the trees, mows the orchard and adds compost and approved organic soil amendments as needed. 

Neil’s apples are pressed at Flag Hill Farm and laid down in barrels.

5% minimum acidity. 

32oz bottle