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A Curated Case of Wine - Adventurer

Whether you're looking for weeknight sippers at home or something great to bring to a dinner party, we've got you.  We're curating cases of wine for the quiet season because we want all of your houses to have cool wine collections. This case is for someone who wants to try it all. If you're looking to learn about new wines and see the amazingness that our wine world has to offer, look no further. We'll put together some wines that you and your friends have never had. Think skin contact, pet nat, and producers pushing the boundaries. Wine shouldn't be so serious!

Our wine selections are all organic, and mostly natural/biodynamic. We believe there is purchasing power in the way we buy our wines, so we pick producers who are doing the right thing. Those who pay properly, farm properly, and think about the future while they work are the people we support.  

Average price per bottle is $30 and unfortunately we cannot discount larger cases due to MA liquor laws. 

*Must be 21 to purchase*