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"Urdang" - Barn First Creamery

Urdang is the most unique of Barn First's lineup of cheeses.  It's a stirred-curd, washed-rind square that has notes of cured ham, tangy lemon and buttered toast.  Rebecca hand stirs the cut curds for an hour to release just the right amount of moisture without pressing, then loose-forms them in rectangular molds so they maintain some mechanical eyes and a fudgy, dense texture when ripened. They are washed in brine and develop a light orange rind with a delicate, funky nose.  Urdang was featured in the New York Times (along with the Cowles) and has been on the menu of restaurants like Daniel and Union Square Cafe in New York.

Ingredients: Pasteurized goat milk, cultures, animal rennet, salt, annato


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