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"Cowles" - Barn First Creamery

A young, bright and tangy goat cheese from cheesemaker Rebecca Velazquez and Barn First Creamery! Barn First has a small milking herd of goats, and is located in Westfield, Vermont which is part of Vermont’s remote Northeast Kingdom. Cowles is a square format cheese with a layer of vegetable ash dusted on the rind. The texture is dense and chalky, like a goat's milk brie cheese, and the flavors are light and mild - tangy and mineral with a hint of goaty musk. Cowles and all of Barn First’s cheeses take their names from maiden names from owners Rebecca and Merlin’s family trees.

Pairing notes: white wines like Sauvignon Blanc and Chenin Blanc, lagers and Belgian-style beers, light and earthy red wines like Cabernet Franc and Merlot.  Cowles has been featured on the menus at Blue Hill, Batard, and Union Square Cafe. 

Tasting notes: tangy, light, fresh grass, cold milk.

Ingredients: Pasteurized goat's milk, cultures, animal rennet, salt, vegetable ash

9oz square

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